Founded in 2008, Complexa, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing innovative therapies for the treatment inflammatory and metabolic diseases. Initial focus is placed on acute and chronic kidney disease.

Complexa's human network pharmacology discoveries have revealed new classes of drug candidates that are based on naturally-occurring activated fatty acids. Our lead compounds activate the body’s own protective mechanisms against inflammatory injury and metabolic stress.

Complexa is dedicated to the discovery and development of proprietary intravenous and orally available small molecule drugs, modeled upon endogenously-occurring fatty acid signaling mediators, to treat diseases associated with kidney injury, inflammation and metabolic disorders.

Complexa’s lead compound (CXA-10) is being developed to treat both acute and chronic kidney disorders. The initial clinical target is the treatment of contrast imaging dye-induced nephropathy (CIN), a form of acute kidney injury (AKI). CXA-10 has rapidly advanced through key toxicology, pharmacokinetics and preclinical animal model gateways. Complexa is now completing expanded longer term toxicology studies and additional preclinical animal model studies with the goal of rapidly advancing to human clinical trials.

May 2010 - Nitroalkene derivatives of nitro-oleic acid are endogenous lipid products with novel signaling properties, particularly the activation of PPARs.

May 2010 - Nitro-oleic acid inhibits angiotensin II-induced hypertension.