Complexa researches and develops highly selective nitrated fatty-acids (NFAs) cell signaling agents that modulate the key inflammatory and fibrosis pathways. Our compound library focuses on

  • Enhancing tissue protection & repair (mediating their effect through the modulation of Nrf2 and Heat Shock Response) and
  • Inhibition of inflammation events (mediating their effects through blockade of NF-kB and Xanthine Oxido-Reductase)

Taken together, our compounds both promote the repair of tissue injury and impact the reversal of fibrosis and inflammation. Complexa has generated extensive pre-clinical model and clinical disease data across various forms of fibrosis and inflammation related conditions from researchers world-wide in over 100 high impact citations.

CXA-10 (Lead Program)

CXA-10 addresses several underlying drivers of fibrotic and inflammatory disease. It has a profound effect on pathophysiological disease driving events in “treatment” animal models of disease alone and in combination with vasodilators. Recently, the impact on disease drivers such as cytokines have been translated into humans in several Phase 1 trials.