Complexa’s Platform Technology

The Company’s proprietary platform technology involves the research and development of endogenous nitrated fatty acids (NFAs), a novel approach in an intensely active field of human biology. NFAs are key cell-signaling agents that regulate the body’s major fibrosis and inflammation pathways (e.g., Nrf2, NF- κB and Heat Shock Response). In the context of chronic diseases, with high degrees of oxidative stress and inflammation, levels of endogenous NFAs are insufficient to prevent disease progression. Complexa’s compounds increase NFA levels to restore NF-κB inhibition and effective Nrf2 activation, thus reducing damaging inflammation and promoting the repair of tissue injury and fibrosis.

Complexa’s lead compound oral CXA-10 (10-nitro-oleic-acid) is initiating Phase 2 proof-of-concept clinical trials in the coming month. Additionally, Complexa’s platform includes other preclinical nitro and fatty acid compounds planned for oral orphan indications.


CXA-10 is an endogenous nitro-fatty acid (NFA) modulator of Nrf2 and NF-κB which impacts the core fibrotic and inflammatory pathways. CXA-10 acts by upregulation of Nrf2, a key anti-inflammatory molecule, and inhibition of NF-kB, a key inflammatory molecule. In addition, CXA-10 drives the expression of heat shock proteins, which act as chaperones during cellular stress, and inhibits xanthine oxidoreductase to reduce oxidative stress. CXA-10 has demonstrated impressive results in five Phase 1 human safety studies with proof of target engagement, and has demonstrated differentiated safety in over 100 subjects. Importantly, CXA-10 demonstrated activation of target gene expression and subsequent inhibition of key biomarkers of disease-related inflammation and fibrosis.